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When we reflect on 2020/21 and the way we interact with the world. When lockdowns were implemented across the globe, physical events went virtual, everyone worked from home and major marketing budgets were cut.

However, DOOH remains the most relevant channel to reach a moving audience. A recent report forecasted growth of 12.3% for global advertising in 2021/22. And according to another recent report DOOH will be the second-fastest growing medium in 2021/22, with ad spend rising by more than 20%.

This is very impressive growth but not surprising especially in the midst of a pandemic and the need to communicate digitally with people becoming evermore relevant.

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Digital signage is an extremely powerful tool because it can be implemented in so many ways. Companies across almost every sector have implemented this technology to meet the unique demands of their customers.

Don’t underestimate the benefits that digital signage can have on your business. Take TVM PLAY as an example.

TVM Play is the ultimate content and communication platform for bars and restaurants , sleek digital screens controlled remotely from your phone or computer.

Perfect for creating and promoting whats going on at your restaurant with TVM Plays cloud-based digital signage solutions

With TVM Plays digital signage software, you can directly influence customers’ in-venue behaviours. Increase dwell time, drive sales and impact spend per transaction.

This is a very complete service and in every sense the benefits of digital signage are nearly too many to count.

So what are you waiting for ?

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Updated: May 4

Digital signage in it's simplest terms is any message displayed digitally on any size of screen. You've all seen them, back seats of taxi's, subway stations, and now more commonly bars and restaurants.

TVM Play Bar & Restaurant Digital Signage is a perfect example of this. TVM Play offer sleek digital screens, installation, maintenance, access to the app.

You can create and share eye catching content that turn one-time diners into loyal customers. From increased satisfaction to increased sales, TVM Play helps you achieve your desired outcomes.

With the decline of the paper menu and posters we are moving into into a less paper focused society and digital signage is the future.

How does Digital Signage Software help my brand?

Digital signage brings new life to any bar or restaurant environment. The impact of static signs is becoming less significant, but digital signage on the other hand, is designed to catch the attention of consumers and deliver messages that are specifically aimed to improve their experience.

Just about every business and organisation can benefit from the massive gains to be made from digital signage. The future of digital signage is exciting and is here to stay

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