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TVM DOOH, the largest display screen network in restaurants and bars across the US, has agreed a new NFL season-long partnership with global sportsbook operator Tipico.

Under the terms of the deal, proprietary Tipico odds and brand marketing content will be integrated onto hundreds of TVM-owned bar screens throughout Colorado, and exclusively in New Jersey.

The partnership will allow TVM DOOH and Tipico Sportsbook to deliver live odds across a variety of sports offerings, showcasing main money-line, spread and over/under markets, as well as player props, boosted odds and other real-time promotions.

TVM DOOH serves custom-made dynamic content and brand ads based on API integration, real time triggers and more. These premium digital displays, available in thousands of venues nationwide, enhance and engage the sports bar experience for fans and bettors alike.

Keith Gormley, VP Marketing, Tipico US, stated: “We’re thrilled to partner with TVM DOOH to reach sports fans in two important markets for our brand. Real-time sports data and premium betting insights are at the core of our proprietary mobile sports betting product, and this partnership with TVM opens up a highly engaging channel to showcase our odds experience to future Tipico players.”

According to TVM DOOH its audience segmentation, including time of day, location and venue, will allow Tipico and other partners to target audiences in a way that hasn’t been possible before. They will be able to offer unique marketing impact to brands through conversion tracking normally only available online.

Pedram Danesh, Chief Commercial Officer, TVM DOOH, added: “Through this partnership with Tipico Sportsbook, we look to elevate the sports bar experience with exciting offers and live odds in the moments that matter most.

“We’ve seen Tipico grow in the New Jersey market, and we’re excited to help strengthen their brand position and launch in new regions like Colorado by digitally activating bar patrons. We expect a high level of audience engagement during the partnership, and we are excited to announce additional innovations throughout the football season.”

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Out-of-home advertising has been around for a very long time , beginning with the simple billboard. OOH is still relevant in today’s market as it is still the easiest and most efficient method of advertising in some locations. The most common forms of OOH advertising were billboards, bus stops and posters but this has switched gears due to the entrance of DOOH.

Digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) is the newer and more sophisticated version of OOH. The most common form is digital signage and digital displays which aim to replace things like chalk boards, posters and hand written menus in restaurant and bars among other things. DOOH allows advertisers and marketers to upload multiple pieces of content to a network of devices. Being able to remotely connect to these devices allows the content to be changed quickly and easily

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When we reflect on 2020/21 and the way we interact with the world. When lockdowns were implemented across the globe, physical events went virtual, everyone worked from home and major marketing budgets were cut.

However, DOOH remains the most relevant channel to reach a moving audience. A recent report forecasted growth of 12.3% for global advertising in 2021/22. And according to another recent report DOOH will be the second-fastest growing medium in 2021/22, with ad spend rising by more than 20%.

This is very impressive growth but not surprising especially in the midst of a pandemic and the need to communicate digitally with people becoming evermore relevant.

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